Calculating Your Taxes

Use our tax calculator to easily calculate your tax by simply following the steps below. For more assistance with calculating your property tax bill, please contact the Morgan County Revenue Commissioner’s Office at 256-351-4690.

Step 1: Find Your Assessed Value

Your Alabama taxes are figured using your property's assessed value. This is determined by multiplying the appraised value by the current property classification.

Appraised Value x Property Classification = Assessed Value

Information for your property's appraised value can be obtained by contacting the Revenue Commissioner's Office.

Your property will be classified in one of the following categories:

Class I Utilities 30%
Class II Commercial, Rental, Industrial, 
and All Other Non-Homestead Property
Class III Agricultural, Forest,
and Owner Occupied Residential Property

In Alabama, motor vehicles are also part of the property tax (Class IV), but the Morgan County Revenue Commissioner's Office only handles Class I, Class II, and Class III.

Step 2: Calculate Your Unadjusted Tax Bill

Once you determine the assessed value of your property, multiply it by the appropriate millage rate for the area in which you live. Find your area's millage rate. (link to Millage Rates page)

Assessed Value x Millage Rate = Unadjusted Tax Bill

For example, if you own and live in a residence valued at $40,000, you pay taxes on 10 percent of value or $4,000. If the millage rate for your area is 37.4 mills, you would owe $149.60.

$4,000 x 0.0374 = $149.60

Step 3: Deduct Qualifying Exemptions for Adjusted Tax Bill

After you determine what your adjusted tax bill is, subtract any exemptions that you might have. This gives you the adjusted tax bill. View more information about exemptions.

Unadjusted Tax Bill – Exemptions = Adjusted Tax Bill